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About Revolution Taekwondo Association Hong Kong

rnRevolution Taekwondo Association Hong Kong is registered taekwondo association with The world Taekwondo Federation. It is affiliated with Hong Kong Nepalese Taekwondo Club/Association ,” its a branch of HKNTA” , we can say on another way. Master Rai Mahesh is the Chief Instructor of this Dojang . He is the 4th dan Black Belt of both WTF & Hong Kong Taekwondo Association. He has achieved various Taekwondo Certificate such as Coach, Referee and Poomsae Judge. Master Rai is one of senior black belt of hknta. His great achievemets is that he is the one who got First Class referee certificate in Hong Kong among the Hong Kong Nepalese taekwondo community . This association registered in HK society on 1st February 2013.

About Hong Kong Nepalese Taekwondo Association

HKNTA (Hong Kong Nepalese Taekwondo Club/Association) was initiated and established in 2001 by Master Tulsi Kumar Gurung for those growing Taekwondo practitioner with in Nepalese communities who had difficulties, Lack of parental guidance and those keen to learn Taekwondo. Since than, HKNTA is not only concerned with in Nepalese community also with in Ethnic Minorities as Pilipino, Indonesia, Indian, Pakistani and even Chinese communities.

HKNTA is only one of the 1st Ethnic minorities Taekwondo Organization affiliation with HK Taekwondo Association out of 42 Taekwondo Organization. HKNTA is a non-Profit making Taewondo organization for Nepalese community and Ethnic Minorities. Association is not only concerned advancement of Taekwondo but protect rightness and strong sense of responsibility.


IMG_2830Dear HKNTA family and indeed all Taekwondo aficionados,

Gone are the days when only a few selected people could read and write and what’s more sending a letter from one side of the world to another would take weeks! Today the world has changed radically, there are more literate people than ever before and one can send emails almost instantaneously.

These changes have mainly driven by the vast improvements and innovations in Information Technology and in particular the Internet. Therefore in order to utilise this useful technology, we at HKNTA have built this website to reach out to the maximum number of our members and interested parties with up-to-date information of the various developments within HKNTA and indeed the Taekwondo world.

We believe that it is crucial to enhance mutual communication at the executive and grassroots level in order to strengthen the friendly and united ties between our Nepalese Taekwondo clubs and its members. We believe this website can provide a platform for wide–ranging grassroots communication and activities between the executive members and most importantly our members.

I sincerely hope that this website can serve to foster greater friendship, unity and goodwill among the Nepalese clubs and its members.

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the executive committee members, and all others who have devoted themselves to the development and launch of this important and useful webpage. In particular, I would like to heartily thank Mr. prakash k.c. who has given so much time to complete this long awaited mission. And finally my best wishes to all competitors and officials for the successful year ahead, 2013!

Grandmaster Tulsikumar Gurung
President (HKNTA)

  1. suvha Chintak

    improved a lot!!
    better than I thought!!
    well done, keep it up Master Rai.

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