45th promotion

HKNTA  45th up-grading test had conducted by Chief Instructor Master Mr. Devchandra Gurung on behalf of Hong Kong Nepalese Taekwondo Association. There were more than 70 taekwondo Players those who participated on exam . It is the join examination ceremony where there were four branches including its central training Centre called HKNTA headquarters .The taekwondo players had demonstrated upon various taekwondo skills and techniques regarding with Poomsae, sparring, power braking, kicking, stances , blockings and so on . Honorable President Grand Master Tulsi Kumar Gurung was there with Chief Guest Mr .          from Nepal airlines . Lastly In the Presentation program , Chief guest presented certificate for those players who achieved Black belt and participated  certificate of Boys competition in Hong Kong National tournaments . Miss Yolly and  received the flowers bouquet  for the honor of remarkable achievements silver medal and bronze medal in Poomsae  competition-2013 .



HKNTA 45up-Grading Test Will Be held on

Date-22-December-2013, Sunday Day
Location – Kowloon park indoor Game Hall ,Kowloon
Time – 10:00AM to 01:00 PM GOOD LUCK !
For inquiry please call Master Mahesh Rai

Phone: 63904529 . E-mail: sangpang@hotmail.com

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