Benefits for children

By Master Rai  Mahesh                                                         rn

Taekwondo is one of the martial art which is recognized all over the world due to modernism, scientific method, and good system which has changed the perception of taekwondo. There are 205 countries as a member of the world taekwondo federation and affiliated with various sports council such as Olympic game, Asian game, SAAF and so on.

FullSizeRenderThere are two kinds of Taekwondo organizations named WTF and ITF. The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is a leading organization of taekwondo which is famous and popular taekwondo all over the world. WTF taekwondo is the modern taekwondo which has modified with scientific system by enhancing sportsmanship is the main reason to be popular. Doing martial art is a risk to get injury very easily and it might be worst result comes out for human body like permanent disability. However, it is a safe game if compare with the other martial arts due to maintaining safety rule and regulation through its philosophy and obtaining various methods and equipments during the training. There is no age limit to learn taekwondo including children and old people also can join the taekwondo. The learning taekwondo is useful and beneficial for all. Taekwondo is popular sports among the students in Hong Kong. Most of the kindergarten schools, colleges and universities have included the taekwondo in the curriculum. Taekwondo has flourished in ethnic minorities’ communities as well as local communities in Hong Kong. Why are the children learning taekwondo and how it will be beneficial for them are the common question of parents? Some of the parents are interested to join their children without knowing its benefits.
There are two principles to develop for learner in taekwondo which is a Physical and psychological benefits especially for the children which are details in section below.

Physical benefitsIMG_1684c
1. Physical fitness
The learning taekwondo is not only for sparring but also training for physical fitness. Taekwondo teaches verities of exercise such as running, jumping, stretching, squat down and up, sit up, push up etc. These forms of exercise helps to maintain the stable blood circulation, improve physical strength, helps cardio vesicular and respiration systems. Thus Taekwondo players are keeping physically fit for daily activities.

2. Balance the body weight
Nowadays children are getting fat and excessively gaining the weight which affects physical activities and appearance. In later stage it will caused serious health problems. Lack of physical activities and having high calorie foods are the reason of getting over weight. If we don’t burn enough the calorie then the calorie will be saved by our body and change into fat. Therefore taekwondo exercise balance the body weight by burn excessive calories and reduces the body weight.

3. Physical Strength
There are so many different parts in human body such as feet, hand, back, neck waist abdomen, chest etc. Taekwondo does much particular exercise for those different parts. It makes muscle strength in every parts of body. For this we need to do thoroughly and regularly with proper way. If muscle is strength enough gradually our physical strength will build up automatically.

4. Self-defenses
It is most important thing in taekwondo because self-protection is one of objectives of taekwondo philosophy. Taekwondo emphasis and focus on self-defense. There are special techniques and training class that taught how to protect yourself in danger and how can tackle the situation by using our bare hand and feet.

5. Cardio vesicular system
When we do the exercise with certain speed more than half an hour, blood presser and heart bit will rise during the training. Normally taekwondo trainings are conduct for two hours with good standard of exercise system. Cholesterol level will be reduced in blood cell due to pressurize on artery and blood vessel by doing such exercises. These cardio exercises help to improve heart health condition and blood circulation system.

Psychological benefits
1. Discipline
Discipline is very important in taekwondo. We believe that discipline is the key factor of success and achieving goals in our lives. In taekwondo, students must obey the certain rules and regulation. If taekwondo learner / students do not follow or disobey the taekwondo rules then warning shall be given or disciplinary action will be imposed. Negative activities are extremely prohibited inside the class room. Therefore taekwondo players can maintain the discipline.

2. Concentration & memory
During the taekwondo practice respiration systems are active by doing deep breathing in and out exercise. These respiratory activities help to intake more oxygen in blood through the lungs. Hence, blood transferred sufficient oxygen into the brain which helps mental development. If brain is healthy enough, it works effectively and children’s concentration and memory power will be increased.
3. Respect & co-operationIMG_1692s
Respect, co-operation & friendship are other aspects of taekwondo philosophy. Taekwondo follows these aspects during the training. Master/Instructor will be a role model as a respectable and responsible person to the players. This culture teaches the children to behave in respectful manner with all people. Instructor should take it very seriously and need to follow sincerely otherwise learner will fail to adopt those culture right away.

4. Social skill
Most of taekwondo training is not individual. It is in a group so that students can learn by watching others activities as well. Taekwondo practitioners should share the training space and training equipments. It is common and need to practice and use one by one. Children need support each other, help one another and should promote the friendship in the training. It will promote to build social skill for the children.

5. Confidence
Taekwondo is a sport and need to perform individually and within a group. Taekwondo students take leadership for some tasks. Children perform regularly, what they have learnt on training. Some special occasion like competition they have to perform in a huge mass. Gradually it changes into habit and therefore it helps the children to builds up their confidence.

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